What is a summary of Almost Famous, A Talent Novel by Zoey Dean?

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Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Zoey Dean's young adult novel Almost Famous, from the "Talent Novel series," captures the lives and personalities of four privileged girls in Bel-Air, California, as they transition into the 8th grade. They plan to remain the most popular girls in the middle school but soon learn the disappointing consequences of their actions.

The group of four consists of best friends named Mackenzie Little-Armstrong (called Mac), Evangelina Becks (called Becks), and Coco Kingsley, who are all daughters of Hollywood celebrities, and the group's newest edition, Emily Mungler. Emily has just moved from Iowa to live with Mac's family and pursue her dream of becoming a Hollywood actress. The novel opens with the girls having their "annual night-before" school starts sleepover and practicing their strut, dubbed "Le Strut," in which they walk as if they are "too bored to care and therefore cooler than everyone who'd missed the memo on not caring." That night, they also plan Mac's campaign for "social chair" of her class and prank Ruby Goldman, Mac's competitor, in a video chat.

School starts smoothly with Coco making dance team captain, Mac successfully working on her campaign, Becks starting to date her love interest Austin, and Emily being noticed by a prominent movie producer. But then things suddenly start going downhill for the girls. Coco is dismissed from her dance captain role, and a different girl takes her place; Becks is stood up by Austin; Emily starts to be ignored by the producer; and Ruby is voted into the position of social chair instead of Mac. Soon, they learn why: the girls had forgotten to turn off the computer after video chatting with Ruby, and Ruby was able to record the girls mocking their fellow middle schoolers and sharing shameful secrets. Ruby also uploaded the video, which went viral.

Mac's plans to reclaim popularity by having the girls revenge themselves on Ruby and her friends also go awry, leaving the girls even more disgraced than before. The book ends with Mac deciding the girls should forget about pursuing popularity and focus on pursuing their Hollywood film careers instead.

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