What is the summary for All of the Women in the Bible?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edith Alderman Deen (1905–1994) was a popular newspaper columnist who wrote for the women's section of the Texas daily, the Fort Worth Press. In the 1950s she wrote a series of columns on women of the Bible, intended primarily as inspirational readings for women. These proved quite popular, and in 1954 she retired from her newspaper job to rework these columns into a book. In 1955, Harper & Row published All of the Women of the Bible, which became a popular success, translated into several languages and selling over 2 million copies. It contains individual essays on the major female figures of the Bible.

This is not a work of scholarship, based on meticulous research in the original Biblical languages, but a popular inspirational work, showing how the women of the Bible can be read as moral exemplars. Although its lack of scholarly rigor means that students should not cite it as a source in academic papers, many Christian readers over the past fifty years have found it uplifting and inspirational.

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