What is a summary of After the Kiss by Terra Elan McVoy?

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Tamara K. H. eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Written in free verse, Terra Elan McVoy's young adult novel After The Kiss tells two sides of the same love story, a love triangle.

Protagonist Camille has just moved from Chicago to Atlanta and desperately needs a way to distract herself from thinking of the boyfriend she had to leave behind in Chicago. Meanwhile, local girl Becca is forced to take time off from seeing her own boyfriend Alec while she works to pay for damages made to her car in a recent accident she is faulted for. Unfortunately, she already was unable to spend much time with him due to the fact that they attend different schools; Wednesdays and weekends were the only times they could manage.

To entertain herself in her new Atlanta surroundings, Camille starts visiting the lake, where she is invited to attend a party, a party at which she meets Alec. Over the next week, she begins emailing and texting him without knowing he already has a girlfriend. Soon, Alec unexpectedly shows up at the lake and, during a conversation, kisses Camille.

Unfortunately, the kiss is caught on a friend's cellphone camera, and the picture makes its way to Becca. Becca breaks up with Alec, but Alec also cuts off communication with Camille. Camille feels depressed that Alec is no longer speaking to her but soon realizes she really misses her Chicago boyfriend far more than Alec. She uses her savings to visit him in Chicago. Meanwhile, Becca decides she is better off without Alec and starts at a new school in North Carolina.

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