what is the summary of act 5 in much ado about nothing of shakespeare?

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Leonato and Antonio see Don Pedro and Claudio. Antonio gets so upset that he wants to fight them. They leave and Benedick enters. He too wants to fight Don Pedro and Claudio. He tells them that Hero has died and that he is ready to fight. However, Claudio and Don Pedro think that he is joking as usual. Benedick ends up leaving. Within a few minutes they see Dogberry with Borachio and Conrade as prisoners. They learn of Borachio's and John's plan to ruin the marriage between Claudio and Hero.

Beatrice and Benedick share words about their new found love. There is still a little word sparring between the two, but they seem to truly have fallen in love with each other. They leave to go back to Leonato's.

Claudio believes that Hero has died. He reads her epitaph and swears that each year he will return to read it. Claudio and Don Pedro return to Leonato's. Leonato has Hero, Beatrice, Margaret, and Ursula put on masks. When Claudio arrives he is to marry Leonato's niece. They never really say it is Beatrice, but I assume that is who he believes he is marrying. He says he will. When they finally unmask, Claudio sees that it is really Hero.

With this happy ending, Benedick and Beatrice ask each other if they truly love one another. They both say that they really didn't, but Claudio and Hero both say they know that Beatrice and Benedick love each other. They decide to get married.


I hope this helps and I sent a link below so you oculd refer to the other scenes. Coould you also answer my question please? THANK YOU :) XXX