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In Abhorsen, the final novel in Garth Nix's young adult Abhorsen trilogy, the three characters--Abhorsen-In-Waiting, Lirael, and Prince Sameth--must join together to conquer an evil spirit named Orannis capable of destroying all of life.

In the beginning of time, Orannis, also called The Ninth Bright Shiner, had been broken in half and buried deep in the earth in two hemispheres made of silver. However, an evil sorcerer named Hedge had retrieved the hemispheres from the earth, using the powers of the Dead, rejoined the two hemispheres, and set Orannis free.

Through Disreputable Dog, a dog Lirael had used magic to summon from a dog statue, and Mogget, a servant in the form of a cat--the only two characters capable of keeping Orannis from leaving the hemispheres--Prince Sameth and the other characters are able to battle the Dead Chlorr and the armies of the Dead in order to thwart Orannis and save all of life.

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