The King and I Questions and Answers
by Richard Rodgers, Oscar Hammerstein II

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What is the summary of The King and I?

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Well, in short, the King and I is a story of an English woman who goes to Siam in the 1800's to teach the King's children.  This English woman, Anna Leonowens, is very strong-willed and opinionated, and her personality clashes with the King who is used to women, as well as his other servants, being subservient - they are all slaves to him.  Anna does her best to teach not only the children but to also influence the King to help him to see the people around him as humans with rights rather than slaves.  Although Anna and the King have several confrontations where the King refuses to see the world as Anna does, he secretly questions his own abilities to be king and slowly begins to take advice given to him by Anna.  At the end, Anna chooses to leave out of frustration with the King and his ways, but she is persuaded to come back to the King who is dying.  As the King dies, his eldest son who is to become king declares that his first act as king will be to get rid of the subservient bow that was required for all servants of the king, proving that Anna has made some impact in this kingdom.  For a more in depth summary, see the link below.

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