Guests of the Nation by Frank O'Connor

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What is a summary of "Guests of the Nation"?

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The story is set in early twentieth-century Ireland, during the Irish nationalist uprising against the British occupation. The events take place in an isolated farmhouse where two Englishmen, Hawkins and Belcher, are being kept prisoner by a group of Irish nationalists. One of the nationalists is Bonaparte, who also narrates the story. Another is called Noble, and the third, Donovan, is in charge of the group. There is also an elderly woman who lives in the farmhouse.

Part I. We get a glimpse of life in the farmhouse with the two prisoners. Things actually appear quite relaxed; Bonaparte and Noble get on fairly well with the prisoners, and they all spend the time chatting convivially and playing cards. Belcher, the quieter of the two Englishmen, helps the old woman with the chores and they become quite good friends.

Part II . Noble and Hawkins get into an argument over religion and politics. Donovan, who generally holds aloof from the others, goes out for a walk and Bonaparte joins him....

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