what is a summary?  

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im sorry.. it was "simply" by mistake i have written simple.. hope you can understand

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Summaries are essentially a very brief overview of a topic, which only go over the most important things, rather than going into every nook and cranny. Summaries can be quite long or quite short, depending on the size of the task (or the question) you have been given. Summaries are an effective way of figuring how well someone knows the assigned topic they have been given, and how well one can comprehend it.

You might have heard people saying 'I'm going to write some summaries for this upcoming test on Monday.' Summaries are an effective way of memorising and reviewing information, which can vastly help your understanding of a topic.

Essentially, summaries are just 'summing up' something, or practically rewriting the key points, just in a paragraph or two (depending on the size of your given task).

Hopefully I've helped you :).

P.S - There are some very helpful links below giving you the key information on writing summaries! Hopefully they will help you even further.


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I feel a 'summary' can be defined as a brief and compact account of something , consisiting of all the main points. When a person writes a summary, it reflects how much that person has been able to understand of what s/he read , saw or heard.  Writing summaries of whatever you read,hear or see is a very effective way to learn or memorize things.

The best way to write a good summary is to organise the main idea and other important points sequentially, and then putting them together in a logical order while writing the summary. For writing effective and impressive summaries, one should use a very simple language and short sentences as the main aim of writing a summary is to provide the gist of a bigger text to the reades in a short time and easy way. Summaries can be of various types viz., abstracts (more concise &non-fiction),abridgements(summarising a book), executive summary etc.