What is the summary for 26 Fairmount Avenue?

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Hello! I provide short chapter summaries below:

Chapter 1: Tomie tells us that his family hasn't always lived on 26 Fairmount Ave. He remembers clearly that his family used to live on Columbus Ave: they were there when the big hurricane of 1938 hit Meridien, Connecticut. No one was ready for it and school was let out early. Tomie tells us that 1938 was a special year because that was the year they started building their new house on Fairmount Ave.

Chapter 2: Tomie is glad the walls of the new house aren't up yet, or the house would probably have blown away due to the hurricane. Tomie's father is Italian and his mother is Irish. He introduces us to Nana Upstairs, his Irish great-grandmother, and Nana Downstairs, his Irish grandmother. He calls his Italian grandmother in Massachusetts, Nana Fall River, and his Irish grandfather, Tom.

Chapter 3: Even more than the big hurricane and the new house, Tomie tells us how excited he is to see Walt Disney's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs on the big screen. However, his big brother, Buddy, has to be ushered out of the cinema in the middle of the movie when scenes involving the Evil Queen prove too much for him. Tomie himself is less than satisfied with Walt Disney's interpretation of the classic story.

Chapter 4: Tomie's father has a disagreement with the builder and has to fire him. He tells Tomie that his friends will help build the house instead. However, the city decides to put in telephone poles and streetlights on Fairmount Avenue, which greatly slows down work on the house. Tomie gets to draw figures of his family on the wall before the plasterers smear plaster on the walls.

Chapter 5: Tomie goes to kindergarten one year after the hurricane. He is excited because he thinks he will finally get to learn how to read. However, he is greatly disappointed when he learns that he will have to wait until first grade to learn.

Chapter 6: Family and friends work together to clear off the backyard of the new house so that the backyard can be plowed. A fire is lit for the purpose. When the fire threatens to get out of control, Tomie's mother saves the day by using the hose.

Chapter 7: When a Nor'easter rain threatens to derail work on the house, Tomie prays to his guardian angel for help. Previously resembling a muddy river, the street soon freezes when the weather turns cold, allowing cars on the road. Work resumes on the house, and Tomie is happy his guardian angel answered his prayer.

Chapter 8: Tomie and his family celebrate their last Christmas on Columbus Ave. Tomie's father, mother, Uncle Charles (and his girlfriend, Viva) dress up for a New Year's Eve dance at the Wallingford Elk's Club. Tomie and his brother, Buddy, stay home: the Morins from the upstairs apartment help them celebrate by coming over with with popcorn and ice-cream.

Chapter 9: Tomie and his family finally move into 26 Fairmount Avenue. Tomie is thrilled to find that his bedroom has 'two brand-new beds, two brand-new dressers, and on the wall a mirror that looked like a ship’s wheel.'

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