Where can I find a study guide or summary for A Different Mirror?

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Ronald Takaki's book A Different Mirror is a historical account of the various cultures that have come together, or fought, to create the United States as we know it. The book was published in 1993 and describes race and culture struggles from the time of the Native Americans to the mid-nineties. Both political and private power struggles are examined, along with the cultural norms that changed over the years to either include or exclude different races or classes of people.

Although the book is not available for preview on Google Books, there are some reviews and analyses online. The PPT file linked below (PowerPoint, quick-viewable in Google Docs) contains bullet points that cover much of the book. The Salem guide here on eNotes also has a great deal of information and summary. I was unable to find any chapter summaries, but the book itself should be easily available through interlibrary loan. AsianWeek.com has an archive of articles on Takaki, which might help with background and historical/cultural context.

[PowerPoint: ets.mnsu.edu/darbok/ETHN101/conclusion.ppt]

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