What are the summaries of all the chapters in The Bronze Bow?

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Here are the main events of each chapter of The Bronze Bow.

1: Daniel meets the young twins, Joel and Malthace, on the mountain and they discuss the Messiah.

2. Rosh’s band ambushes a passing caravan and steals the slave Samson. Daniel removes the slave’s shackles and Samson bows to him.

3. Simon comes to the mountain camp to tell Daniel Amalek is dead. Daniel returns to the village to visit his grandmother and sister.

4. Daniel goes to synagogue with Simon and sees and hears Jesus. After having a close call with a Roman soldier, he returns to the mountain.

5. Daniel visits Joel at his home in Capernaum; he stays to dinner and gets in an argument with Joel’s father, Hezron, who asks him to leave.

6. Daniel gets into an altercation with a Roman soldier and is wounded by a spear. He escapes to Joel’s house where Thacia lets him in. He passes out from the trauma of his wound.

7. Joel and Thacia hide Daniel in a secret chamber and nurse his wound. They become friends and take a vow to...

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