What is the sum of 3/2x and 7/4x ?

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To find the sum of 3/2x and 7/4x, you have to make the denominator the same for both the terms.

This can be done by multiplying the numerator and denominator of 3/2x by 2.

3/2x = 6/4x

3/2x + 7/4x

=> 6/4x + 7/4x

=> (6 + 7)/4x

=> 13/4x

The required sum is 13/4x

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To do this you need to have a common denominator

2 goes into 4 therefore;

If you multiply 3/2x by 2 you obtain 6/4x 

So, 6/4x+7/4x= 13/4x

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3/2x and 7/4x

sum means adding so you are adding those 2 fractions

the first thing you need is a common multiple

3/2x x 2 = 6/4x  now the denominators are equal

`7/(4x) + 6/(4x) = 13 /4x`

13/4x is the answer