What is a suitable topic for a sociology research paper based on family?I'm doing a paper but I want to focus on family may be something about divorce or child abuse or anything like that...

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Recently, there was mention in a news report that families in which children interact closely with grandparents that the children are more emotionally stable and some other positive points.  Perhaps you can find more information on this interesting study in which the older older generation has a positive affect upon children's behaviors and values.

Taking a more postive angle as post #3 suggests may be more original; certainly it will be more reassuring to people.

Lori Steinbach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

How about some positive ideas regarding families which aren't particularly typical.  I'm thinking of people who regularly bless other children by serving as foster parents or by adopting.  These are unique circumstances and they focus on some positive things that are happening with families.  It's so depressing to dwell only on the negatives, even though I know it's part of today's reality. 

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The economy has created some interestng problems for families. I would consider some of the effects. For example, what does long-term unemployment do to a family dynamic? What happens when the breadwinner role shifts? What sacrifices does a family make, and who makes them? Is there more domestic violence?
kc4u | Student

Yes, you can focus on child abuse in the domain of family. Children are more abused by their parents and caregivers within the family, rather than in schools/communities/organizations. You can divide the abuse of children in several categories, such as neglect, physical punishment/torture, psychological/emotional abuse, & sexual abuse. You may discuss each category in further details as hereunder:

*Neglect > A child needs protection, love and care; a child must be given proper food and proper treatment when ill/indisposed; a child should be given sufficient company and quality time, adequate importance and attention. Deprivation on any of these scores amounts to neglect endangering the life/growth of the child.

** Physical Punishment/Torture > A child may commit mistakes, but such things should be handled in a sympathetic manner without ever resorting to corporal punishment. Physical punishment/torture may harm the child bodily as well as temperamentally. ' Spare the rod and spoil the child ' is not generally a trustworthy dictum. Parents and elders in the family must always observe tolerance and sympathy.

*** Psychological/Emotional Abuse > A child has a growing body and also a growing, sensitive mind. Unwarranted restrictions, remonstrances, words of discouragement etc may positively harm the emotions and feelings of a child.

**** Sexual Abuse > Data collected from various surveys on child abuse show that children are most abused in their homes, and mostly abused sexually by parents and elders. Obviously this is the most heinous and traumatizing of all forms of abuse.  Sexual abuse by the persons the children mostly depend upon harms the young body and the growing mind. A large number of juvenile delinquents are found to have been victims of sexual abuse at home at an early age.