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  According to Emile Durkheim, what is the relationship between suicide rates and population size?

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Emile Durkheim posited four different types of suicide: altruistic, egotistic, fatalistic, and anomic. Altruistic suicide is suicide to help others. For example, an older person who can no longer contribute to the family might commit suicide to unburden his family from care-taking. Egotistic suicide happens when people feeldisconnected from their friends, family and extended social network. Fatalistic suicides happen when people living under tyrannical regimes or oppressive conditions feel that there is no other way out. Anomic suicide is wen people kill themselves after experiencing a sudden chaos in the moral order of things.

Durkheim suggested that when there is a large population increase due to migration or other societal merging, anomic suicide rates increase. According to Durkheim, people forced to deal with those who are culturally different loose their sense of stability and belonging.

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