What suggests that Romeo is a man looking for love?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Certainly, the revelation that Romeo suffers from an incurable case of love sickness at the outset of the drama might be one indication that he is a man looking for love.  Romeo is shattered by Rosaline's desire for celibacy.  His wandering into the woods and need to be alone, along with his dwelling on being alone would represent a man looking for love.

What confirms this would be the instant connection forged with Juliet. When Romeo sees Juliet, it seems as if his search is over.  The incomplete and fragmented nature that had been a part of his character is immediately set aside for one of purpose and desire.  It seems as if Juliet embodies the end result of Romeo's search.  Even Romeo's speeches represent a search for love.  Prior to meeting Juliet, Romeo's speeches are excessive in their desire to articulate what love is and how one knows they are in love.  When Romeo meets Juliet, his expressions become tighter and more succinct, reflecting that he has found the love that is sought.