Still Here Questions and Answers
by Ram Dass

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What can guide a book club conversation on Still Here by Ram Dass?   

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I think that the most compelling element that comes out of Dass' work is how we, as human beings, can learn to appropriate some level of control over our reaction to the force of death that often lies outside human control.  Dass' work suggests that in order to find peace, one has to surrender some of the control that Western society seems to indicate as a part of being.  A discussion point could be how one actually goes about doing this.  The issue of death is one in which the natural discussion is intrinsic to it.  Few can really say with certainty that they have the skill set in order to effectively deal with the issue of death because of the condition in which human mortality exists.  Dass' work makes the claim that there is a way in which individuals can find a way in which some peace of mind is evident even in the most chilling elements of death and dying.  I think that the discussion of the techniques he offers and how these might or might not help in trying to grapple with our own inevitable end can serve as a fairly good discussion.  It will open our own perceptions to the issue of death, something that Dass' ideas do echo in that each individual must find their own way to address the issue of death in their own way with their own peace of mind on the topic.

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Good points, i'll incorporate them.

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