What is the succession of jobs that the narrator has in Chapter 4 of Whirligig?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The narrator in Chapter 4 is from an immigrant family from Puerto Rico.  As a newcomer, he has a difficult time at school, and is put into a class for retarded children because he does not speak English.  Frustrated and angry, he quits school and goes to work against his parents' wishes.  The first job he gets is at a restaurant.  He is only fourteen at the time that he takes this first job, and works the dishwasher machine at his place of employment. 

The narrator stays at this job for four years, until the restaurant closes, then he gets a job at a second restaurant.  It is at this place where he meets the girl he marries.  During this time, the narrator manages to learn enough English to secure employment with the city, "fixing holes in the street".  This job pays much more money than his job at the restaurant, so he takes it happily.  After a short time, he loses this job too, and for awhile is unable to find another one.  In the meantime, he and his wife have had two children, one of whom dies.  Family members move in with the couple, and their money gets very low.  The narrator's wife starts to take in other people's children to babysit so that they will have enough money to get by.  After a year, the narrator finally finds another job, this time as the driver of a street-sweeper.  It is this job that he has at the present time, when he tells his story (Chapter 4).