In "A Retrieved Reformation," what successes does Jimmy achieve in Elmore?  

Expert Answers
jameadows eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In "A Retrieved Reformation," Jimmy Valentine changes when he gets to Elmore. A former safecracker who served time in jail, Jimmy falls in love with a woman named Annabel Adams and decides to give up his criminal ways. Jimmy changes his name to Ralph D. Spencer and opens a successful shoe-shop. Eventually, he woos Annabel and asks her to marry him. Jimmy also decides to give away the expensive tools he used to break into safes.

Just as Jimmy is about to be married, Annabel's father, who owns a bank, is showing the family his new safe when Annabel's five-year-old niece, Agatha, climbs into the safe and is locked inside. Discarding his respectable persona as Ralph D. Spencer, Jimmy breaks into the safe and saves the child, who could have easily died of fright or lack of oxygen. A cop named Ben Price—who has been following Jimmy—sees this incident and decides not to turn Jimmy into the authorities. In the end, Jimmy becomes a free man.

parkerlee eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Are you talking about Jimmy Valentine in "A Retrieved Reformation?" Jimmy, an ex safe cracker alias Ralph Spenser, falls in love with the banker's daughter and decides to "go straight." First he opens up a shoe store and wins the approval of his future father-in-law by his seriousness in business and his friendly, outgoing personality. As he makes a place for himself in the small town of Elmore, he decides to definitively get rid of every vestige of his past. He packs up his burglar's tools to give them away, but needs them one more time in a very urgent way. Read the story to find out how!