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Have you been in the make-up aisle recently?  There must be fifty different brands of mascara.  For as many different brands and types of mascara that exist, there are that many formulas. However, the main ingredients for mascara are: water, wax, oil, and different pigments for color. The black mascara uses a carbon as the pigment ingredient while iron oxide is probably used in the brown hues. Some of the oils used are mineral oil, lanolin, and oil of turpentine.  Carnauba wax, paraffin and other waxes are also part of the ingredients.  If you buy a tube of mascara that indicates it is for lengthening eyelashes, the mascara probably had natural fibers in the formula.  The actual make up of any specific mascara is a secret to each company.  These formulas are carefully guarded and usually copyright protected.

"There are two main types of mascara currently manufactured. One type is called anhydrous, meaning it contains no water. The second type is made with a lotion base, and it is manufactured by the emulsion method."


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