From Into the Wild, what subject caused McCandless's "face to darken?"

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During his travels, Chris McCandless met Ron Franz, an older man, and they became fast friends. With Franz, Chris found a place to vent his frustrations about society and culture, and his beliefs that modern society was only concerned with material wealth over personal enlightenment:

Not infrequently during their visits, Franz recalls, McCandless's face would darken with anger and he'd fulminate about his parents or politicians or the endemic idiocy of mainstream American life.
(Krakauer, Into the Wild,

This frustration came out of Chris's desire to live simply and in harmony with nature, instead of forcing his human will on anything weaker than himself. His condemnation of politics and "mainstream American life" was typical of his general beliefs, and these were some of the few topics that could stir Chris to actual anger. He believed that people could better themselves by retreating from modern culture and living in simplicity, and while Franz did not wholly agree with Chris's opinions, he admired Chris for his steadfast and honest personality.