What are the subdivisions under marketing?

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boomer-sooner eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Marketing is a broad category giving any project a multitude of avenues to explore.  When covering marketing, there are a few large sub-headings that should be discussed in the project.

Market research is the first step to producing a viable marketing campaign.  Consumer demands need to be understood.  For example, during the summer winter coats are not the main priority so how does the organization market the coats?  Sometimes the best strategy is to wait.  The supply and demand curves should be understood before moving forward.

Market strategy is the plan for marketing the organization.  This category can be further broken down into categories.  Popular marketing strategies involve digital marketing (TV, radio, internet), live marketing (setting up events), viral marketing (using word of mouth or fad concepts) and sponsorship (such as NASCAR).  The subgroups also share marketing concepts such as design and timing. 

Once a marketing strategy is decided, there are financial concerns for the marketing campaign.  There needs to be a mechanism to tie marketing campaigns directly to sales, thereby giving the organization a measuring device to determine the effectiveness of the campaign.

Heading: Marketing
Division: Market Research
Sub-division: Polling, Supply-Demand, Feedback
Division: Strategy
Sub-division: Digital, Green, Sponsorship, Live, Viral
Division: Finance
Sub-division: Measuring device, Feedback, Cost Analysis