what are the sub-atomic particles? i get really confused when sites explain, so if you could please explain clearly ill be gratefull

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Early theories says that atoms is considered as indivisible because it is the simplest form of matter. As the years gone by, they discovered the three parts of the atom namely: electrons, protons and neutrons. Sub atomic particle therefore can be defined as anything that is inside the atom. Or anything that is smaller than atom. For basic chemistry we can limit the subatomic particles to be electrons, protons and neutrons. For higher physical chemistry, classification of subatomic particles are arranged because of the latter discovery of smaller particles that exists in nature and in outer space. These particles are grouped into: quarks, leptons (electron is included in this group), gauge boson and Higgs bosons, baryons (proton and neutron are included in this group), mesons, hadrons. your question is dependent on how much you are required to know about sub atomic particles. This should not confuse you.

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