What are the stylistic peculiarities of Charlotte Bronte's individual style?

Expert Answers
pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Charlotte Bronte's style is defined by her bold realistic narrative that is strongly delivered in Jane Eyre which focuses on the struggle of women to find love yet retain a degree of independence.  Jane Eyre is full of erotic passion, romantic longing and irony, it was published under Charlotte Bronte's pen name, Currer Bell. It was a commercial and critical success.  The qualities found in this book would not be encouraged in a Victorian female writer. Charlotte Bronte's style is full of emotion, more than Jane Austen's work, which relies on wit and satire.  It is the older Jane Eyre who narrates the story.  She is relating her story after the fact, so the narrator has experienced the love and passion of her fulfilling marriage to Rochester.  Charlotte Bronte stretches her imagination to the fullest in order to inspire great passion in the character of Jane.  The story has greater significance because Jane is so passionate about life and love.