What are the stylistic devices in The Kite Runner?a more detailed answer about contrast and parallelism.

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In the book "The Kite Runner" contrast is used to demonstrate how differently Amir and Hassan are raised, their social status, and their personalities.  Amir is the son of a wealthy man.  He lives in a nice house and has servants.  He attends school and owns nice things.  Amir lives in the nice house.  Hassan lives in a poor home.  Hassan is the rich man's illegitimate son, but it is not told until the end.  He is also a Hassan.  He is considered to be of the lowest people in his society's eyes.  Amir is shyer and does not fight.  He is temperamental and moody.  Hassan is an aextremely good person.  He takes up for what he thinks is right.

Parallelism is used in several different ways.  Amir does not stand up for Hassan when Assef rapes him.  Later in the book he has to fight Assef to save Hassan's son from him.  Amir is cut on the lip requiring it to be sewn up.  Hassan had been born with a hair lip and had to have it sewn up.  In the end of the story Amir and Hassan's son fly the kite.  Hassan had always been Amir's kite runner.  Amir runs for the kite for Hassan's son.

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