What is the style of writing used in Everyday Use, by Alice Walker?  

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Alice Walker uses a combination of styles in "Everyday Use," shifting from first person ("I will wait for her in the yard") to second person ("You've no doubt seen those TV shows...") narrative told by Mama, Mrs. Johnson, in her Southern agrarian black "womanist" point of view.

Walker's style is a mix of uneducated (Mrs. Johnson and Maggie "Uhnnnh") and educated (Dee) dialogue.  Dee/Wangero's dialogue has shifted to Black nationalist (Nation of Islam): "Asalamalakim"

Taken together, the oral storytelling of Mama lends itself to a plain, tough style which uses simple sentences, high frequency words, and many domestic references ("quilts, "churn," "house," "yard").  Walker's style is rooted in her grandmother's generation, those pre-Civil Rights era women who worked at home so their grandchildren could benefit from a good education.

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