What style of writing complements Magic Realism?

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cybil eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While some disagreement exists about the definition of magic realism, it is generally agreed that this kind of writing in one in which "elements of the marvelous, mythical, or dreamlike are injected into an otherwise realistic story without breaking the narrative flow," according to enotes. Postmodernism, it seems to me, can be considered as a complementary kind of writing. This approach also rejects typical rational, historical, and scientific thought in favor of experimental works in many of which the authors abandon the concept of an ordered universe, linear narratives, and traditional forms to question the nature of truth and reality, dispensing with the idea of a universal ordering scheme, according to enotes.

Both magic realism and postmodernism, then, offer new approaches to depicting the world and techniques in which authors can convey their views. Both reject traditional forms and present methods and ideas that surprise and challenge the reader.

krosko | Student

You may also want to compare this with current trends in what is known as Pop Surrealism or the Neo-Gothic school of art.  Both of these movements use elements of Magic Realism.  Its interesting to me as a Visual Arts teacher, how many of the same techniques cross over.

In addition, they make a nice comparison to Gature and the Symbolists, and how what they were doing at the time compares to what Magic Realism, Pop Surrealism and Neo-Gothic art is doing now. 

I love to trace the thread using vampire mythology and its use(s), expressions and appearances in both art and literature.