In what style of writing is the book The Art of Racing in the Rain?

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The Art of Dancing in the Rain by Garth Stein, is written from an interesting point of view. The author uses a the stylistic technique of having a narrator as the storyteller but in this novel the storyteller is Enzo, a dog facing the end of his life.

The reader has to decide how to interpret what Enzo says since his words reflect the ideas of a dog including his heightened sense of smell. Enzo says, "And yet, how I yearn for the moment my soul inhabits one of these poorly designed bipedal bodies and I, too, assume the health concerns of a man!"

When asked about writing in this style, Garth Stein responds to the question by saying,

Honestly, I didn't think too much about that. Enzo believes he has a nearly human soul, so it was more about writing from the point of view of a soul who is trapped in a world in which he can't communicate or interact as he would like. Secondarily, it was fun to think from a dog's eye view!


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