What is the style of narration in Heart of Darkness?

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belarafon eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The narration style is a frame-story structure, with an unnamed narrator explaining Marlow's story as it was related to him. The narrator makes no outside judgement on the events of the story, only interrupting the tale on occasion. The effect of this narrative style is to separate the reader from the worse brutalities of Kurtz and the jungle, and to allow a more objective view of the people and events that Marlow encounters. Marlow's opinions are not the narrator's opinions; instead, Marlow is given the status of both unreliable narrator -- as he was so affected by Kurtz that he cannot speak of him objectively -- and of audience surrogate with his detailed, emotional descriptions. The story also has two chapter breaks in seemingly arbitrary places; these were a function of the story's publication in serial form.

aouninou | Student

the style employed by joseph conrad belongs to the modern literature. through out the story the readers found themselves confused by the shifting of narrators and dialogues...

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