What style of leadership is the most effective in leading an organization?

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The best leadership style can be described as no leadership style.  Alternatively, it can be described as every leadership style.  In other words, the best leaders are leaders who can use all of the leadership styles.  They are not wedded to any one style.

The reason for this is that research shows that there is no one leadership style that is always the best style.  Leading a business is an extremely complex task with many different challenges that arise on a consistent basis.  Since the situations that leaders must deal with can be so fluid and so different, the best leaders must also be fluid and adaptable.

This means that leaders must be able to use each leadership style when it is most appropriate.  They must be able to be authoritarian when important decisions must be made quickly.  They must be able to be more inclusive and allow their staff to feel that their input is valued in instances where a variety of viewpoints can be useful.  There is no one style that is always the best, therefore, the best leaders have all the styles and are not simply wedded to one.

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