What is the style and and symbolism in The Lucky One?

Expert Answers
litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The style in The Lucky One is sentimental, melodramatic, romantic, and a bit magical.  One symbol is the picture.

Style describes the author's use of literary techniques to create images and moods.

The style of this book is very sentimental, because it is about war and love.  Even when describing simple settings, the language is very descriptive and uses a lot of imagery.  Consider this description.

In the distance, the thunder sounded, low and ominous.  There was a storm on the way, and the heaviness portended a big one. (p. 218)

This style adds to the mood of the story, which is one of suspense and hope.  At many points things are tense and not going well.  There is always an element of magic to the story.

A symbol is an object or person that represents an idea larger than itself.

The most important symbol in the book is the photograph of the woman Logan finds.  It symbolizes hope and possibility.  It is the life he doesn’t have but wants.  Once Logan finds the picture, his life changes.  His first instinct is to “toss the picture aside” (p. 21), but something about it captures his imagination.  Soon, he obsesses about the picture and feels that it begins to give him good luck.  He looks for “facts” in the photo to determine where it was taken.

He had a destination, but it wasn’t yet a fact.  He just assumed this was the right place.  Still, for some reason he could not explain, this place felt right. (p. 27)

Logan looks for the girl in the picture, against all odds.  Once he finds Elizabeth, from the picture, he is hopeful but things seem to go downhill.  He has trouble getting a real relationship with her, and Deputy Clayton seems to have dibs.  He tells Elizabeth the truth, and at first she’s made but then she decides she loves him.  So the picture symbolizes a future.