What is student engagement at the university level?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are at least two aspects to student engagement at this level.

First of all, there is the aspect that relates to the level of interest that students have in their studies.  Student engagement at this level has to do with caring about classes enough to attend regularly and to do all the work to the best of one's abilities.

Second, there is the aspect that relates to students' involvement with other aspects of college life.  In this aspect, student engagement involves whether students like to be involved in extracurriculars such as participating in intramural sports or being involved in drama or music.  It basically has to do with whether students feel like part of the overall university community.

gopikrishna | Student

There are huge advantages to training within an academic environment. universities are ideal places for teachers to improve and develop their subject knowledge. Universities, can offer the trainee real experts in the field and can top up a trainee's expertise with relative ease.Trainees benefit from two major placements, usually in two very different schools. But they will also have the chance to observe in a number of others. What's more, they can reflect upon their practice between placements. They are already inside the classroom before any subject-specific problems are addressed. Any on-hand experts tend to be too busy teaching to provide lectures in a particular field.Observation is seldom enough. Without a strong theoretical framework with which to understand how children learn, the trainee is often left floundering and can jump to counterproductive conclusions. On-the-job training can also give trainees a very narrow experience of what schools are like. The coalition is proposing that it will be the outstanding schools which will become the teacher-training centres.