What is the statute of limitations governing the State of Nevada civil filing procedures?what is a "five-year rule" and what does it mean?

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flamingogirl eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Nevada five-year rule means a suit must be dismissed if not brought to trial within 5 years, unless both parties sign an agreement to extend the time.

Statute of limitations for civil filing procedures in Nevada are:

Injury to Person 2 yrs.
Libel/Slander 2 yrs.
Fraud 3 yrs.
Injury to Personal Property 3 yrs. Professional Malpractice Accountant, Attorney, Veterinarian: 4 yrs.; Medical: 2 yrs. after discovery or 4 yrs. after act
Trespass 3 yrs.
Collection of Rents 4 yrs.
Contracts Written: 6 yrs.  Oral: 4 yrs.
Collection of Debt on Account 4 yrs.
Judgments 6 yrs.