What is the setting of The Count of Monte Cristo?

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I will answer this to the best of my abilities, but you are a little vague in your question. Are you asking the setting of the story, The Count of Monte Cristo? Most films (and again, which film? There have been several adaptations) are fairly faithful to the overall story. I know of the settings of the book, which should help you.

The story begins in Marseille, France. Dantes is imprisoned on the isle of If a few miles offshore. He escapes and ends up on the island of Monte Cristo. He then moves to Rome, Italy before relocating to Paris, France and finally ending in Rome. At the end, Dantes moves towards Parts Unknown after he has had his revenge.

You also had "the question is about the movie review", but which review? The review on this site? A professional review, amateur? My understanding is that most reviews spend most of the time reviewing the story the film puts forth. The settings of The Count of Monte Cristo, while varied, could easily be set elsewhere and not have that much effect on the overall story. Dantes could still have his revenge if he were imprisoned in an English prison just as easily as a French one. I hope I have answered your question.

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