What are the struggles that Romeo faces when he visits the apothecary and Juliet faces after she woke up to see Romeo dead? Explain in detail.in Romeo and Juliet

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Romeo is in deep destress when he visits the apothecary. He believes that his wife and true love is dead. He is buying poison to kill himself. One can only image the internal strife he is experiencing that is driving him to such a rash course of action. Remember that the apothecary is in Verona, a town that he has been banished from. I'm sure Romeo must be experiencing some anxiety as to whether he will be able to make it to Juliet's grave before he is captured by the authorities. Juliet has a similar experience to Romeo's. She awakes expecting to find her true love come to rescue her. This is similar to the dream Romeo had before Balthasar came and deliver the bad news of Juliet's demise. She is happy when she first awakes and that makes her saddness on finding Romeo dead that much more overwhelming and tragic. Juliet becomes as desperate as Romeo. The Priest is unable to talk her into leaving the tomb. She will not leave Romeo even though he is gone. She does not have any poison so she resorts to a more violent end by stabbing herself. Both of these scenes help to play out the final angst and dramatic irony of the play.
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