How I Met My Husband Questions and Answers
by Alice Munro

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In Alice Munro's "How I Met My Husband" what are the struggles Edie faces  between rebellion and respectability?

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In Alice Munro's "How I Met My Husband," Edie is fifteen and is a young woman worried about respectability.

I don't see Edie as rebellious; she tries to act appropriately, and only struggles with respectability later—not because she has done anything terrible, but because of how others perceive her behavior.

Edie works for the Peebles family, keeping house and taking care of the children. Mrs. Peebles, the wife of the town veterinarian doesn't like chores, so Edie is hired to live at the Peebles' home and keep house.

She worries about acting appropriately. First, she hides her mother's doughnuts under her bed because she never feels like she gets enough to eat. When the children find them, she shares the food, but then makes them promise not to mention it so she doesn't get into trouble—inferring that somehow, the Peebles might find it inappropriate:

I used to bring back a box of doughnuts made at home, and hide them under my bed. The children found out, and I didn't mind sharing, but I...

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