what is the structure of a uranium atom?

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trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Uranium has the symbol U and its atomic number is 92. It's atomic mass is 238.0289 amu. It is a rare Earth element. It has a silverish color and its crystalline structure is orthorhombic. In an atomic diagram, it has two electrons in its seventh energy level. Uranium is the fuel needed in nuclear reactors for the process of nuclear fission. Uranium contains 92 protons, 92 electrons and in its most common form, 146 neutrons. Sources of uranium are ores containing uraninite, carnotite, samarskite and torbernite. It is primarily mined in Canada, Zaire, Czech Republic and the U.S.

sanjeetmanna eNotes educator| Certified Educator

It is silver white metallic chemical element

Structure of Uranium Atom

Number of Electrons = 92

Number of protons = 92

Number of Neutrons = 146

Total number of Isotopes = 11 (Differ in the number of neutrons)

Atomic volume = 12.59 cm^3/mol

Series = Actinides

Electronic Configuration = 1s2 2s2p6 3s2p6d10 4s2p6d10f14 5s2p6d10f3 6s2p6d1 7s2

Ionic radium = 0.52 A

Density = 18.95 g/cc @ 300k



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