what is the structure that facilitates the lateral growth of long bones?

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First let's define what is bone so bones are organs that rigid  that constitute part of the endoskeleton of vertebrates.. They usually fresponsible for the production of blood through the hematopoeasis, supports ligaments and major organs of the body. In addition to that, bone is not a uniformly solid material, but rather has some spaces between its hard elements. So the lateral growth of long bones usually takes place through the endochondral ossification, or it occurs in long bones and most of the rest of the bones in the body; usually it involves an initial hyaline cartilage that grows continually. Endochondral ossification have steps to follow before long bones will be formed and these are the following:

  1. There is cartilage model development
  2. Followed by cartilage model growth 
  3. then the development of the primary ossification center occur
  4. there is also secondary ossification center developmet and,
  5. Lastly, formation of articular cartilage andepiphyseal plate, thus causing the lateral growth of bones.

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