What is the structure of the poem "Dream Variations" and how does the structure of this poem help to accentuate its theme?

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Langston Hughes's "Dream Variations" has an irregular structure, but the irregularity works to accentuate the theme within the poem.

Technically, the poem is free verse ; there is no regular meter or rhyme scheme. Yet throughout, Hughes maintains a close proximity to more traditional patterns. He uses a similar rhyme scheme in the two stanzas. Stanza one contains a rhyme scheme of ABCBDEFEG, which almost mirrors itself (in the ABCB and DEFE lines) but then ends with a final line that does not rhyme with any other part of the stanza. This stanza also focuses on the desires of the narrator, to occupy a place of contentment where the narrator can "fling . . . arms wide," "whirl, "dance," and "rest." Much like the regularity of the rhyme scheme, this...

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