What is the structure of an expository essay? I have up to A in the helping word TRACE. But i can't remember what the C stands for. Any help?

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The TRACE acronym was used in a book titled Perspectives on Argument by Nancy Wood several years ago to help remind writers of certain standard elemens necessary for an argument essay, as follows:

Text--Analyze the text and determine what genre the text is, as well as its unique qualities

Reader (audience)--Who is your intended audience and can they be convinced by a well-thought-out argument?  Is your audience likely to have beliefs, especially prejudices, that will make them difficult to convince?

Author--As you construct your argument, you need to know as much about the author of the work as possible--biographical background, creative history, reason or motivation for writing

Contraints--Are there any special contraints--belief systems, attitudes, prejudices--that will "color" your audience's perceptions and make convincing them more difficult?

Exigence--The reason for making the argument--did something occur that requires an argument response?

Hope this helps.

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