Libertarianism Questions and Answers

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What are some arguments for and against libertarian freedom?

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The two strongest arguments for libertarianism are that it provides the greatest freedom at the lowest cost.  In a libertarian society, we would be free from governmental regulations that unnecessarily tell us what we can and can’t do.  As long as we did not hurt others, we would be able to do as we wish.  This would give us more freedom and would also reduce the cost of government because we would not have so many government officials enforcing so many rules.

The major drawback of libertarianism is that it would create a rather anarchic society.  This would be a society in which drugs of all sorts would be legal.  It would be a society where there would be no policies requiring stores to make be accessible to the handicapped.  It would essentially allow market forces to regulate everything.  This would prevent the government from having rules that help (in the minds of many) improve our lives.

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