What stressor precipitated John Nash's first episode of schizophrenia in A Beautiful Mind?

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At the age of 30, mathematician John Nash suffered his first episode of schizophrenia. In the biography A Beautiful Mind, Sylvia Nasar describes several pressures and stressors combined to shatter his fragile mental state.

Nash’s genius was evident from his first entrance into the academic world as he pondered the most complex mathematical questions with the greatest minds of his time. He received numerous accolades for his work as s a young professor, including being identified by Fortune magazine as one of the brightest young mathematicians by the time he turned 30. As gratifying as these honors were, they also produced significant pressure to live up to expectations.

Simultaneous with his successes, Nash experienced major disappointments in a career that was not taking off as he had expected. In 1957, Nash was working on proving a continuity theorem. Unbeknownst to him, an obscure Italian mathematician, Ennio DeGiorgi, was working on the same project and succeeded in publishing his proof...

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