What are stress related physical disorders?

Expert Answers
jenbason eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Pyschological stress can cause physical disorders. Research has proven that the state of one's mind can affect the body, and vice-versa. Also, when the mind is under duress, rest and eating habits can be affected, therefore leading to more wear and tear, so to speak. Heart disease, high blood pressure, nose bleeds, anxiety (just a short list),can be thought of as stress related conditions. It might be better to not try and create a category of stress related physical disorders, but to think that when under stress: 1. what is the primary cause of the stress? 2. how does my body react to the stress? 3. How large or small does the stressful situation appear to me? All of these questions are important, and can make the difference in one's reation to any illness.
courtyardmadness | Student

one of the physical symptoms of stress that I know is shingles, an extremely painful viral rash that appears on the back near the spine, by the eye and forehead and as the 'belt' appearing around one's waist.