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What is the stress ion and direction of shift in the following? All of these are added to SCN: 1. KCl (no change) 2. Fe(NO3)3 (solution darkens) 3. KSCN (solution darkens) 4. NaOH (solution lightens) I think I know how to find the stress ion, but I just want to make sure: Is it the ion with the opposite charge as SCN? So like, K+, Fe3+, K+, and Na+ ? I don't know how to figure out the shift of direction... Any help would be appreciated!

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SCN is thiocyanate ion. IT is not a neutral compound. It has a -1 charge. It is formally written as SCN-. If there are no changes in the system of the solution upon the addition of the SCN-, we can assume that there are no reactions occur. As far as chemistry terms are concerned,...

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