Things Fall Apart Questions and Answers
by Chinua Achebe

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What strengths and what weaknesses does Achebe show in traditional Igbo society?

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There are different definitions of strength within the society, depending on gender and communal roles. For men, strength involves some sort of physical prowess, as demonstrated by the importance placed upon the wrestling competitions. The ability to provide factors into the definition of strength as well, as one who can harvest vast amounts of crops can not only feed his family, but may sell the rest for extra wealth. Thus farming and growing healthy yams is a sign of male strength also. Finally, strength on the battlefield is respected in the culture. A man who brings home the heads of the enemy is considered a hero, and carries the sign of virility.

Okonkwo , however, takes each of these to the extreme. He was a successful wrestler and warrior, as evidenced by his defeat of "The Cat" and his 5 heads...

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