What are the strengths and weaknessess of the animal society and how is the cat using the animals? somewhere in chapter 3

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Lots of good is visible following the animals revolt: the harvest is brought in quickly, the morale of most of the animals is up, and their new society seems to be functioning fairly smoothly.

However, there are exceptions like in any society. The pigs, Snowball and Napoleon in particular, have grown quite attached to their leadership positions and have assumed leadership rather than working roles. They save the best food for themselves and are able to justify it with the threat of humans returning. There are other animals on the farm that also haven't "bought in" to the new rules. One of these is the cat who has managed to find a way to disappear any time work gets started but always seems to be around for meals.

All of these actions in chapter three, like in the rest of the novel, have a strong parallel to the Communistic change in Russia. Enotes points out those similarities in the link below.

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