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What are the strengths and weaknesses with sale orientation and marketing orientation? 

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Sales orientation and product orientation are often confused with each other. Sales orientation focuses on promoting sales of a company's product or service through various methods, such as cold sales calling, discount promotions and special marketing tactics designed to make quick sales. In contrast, product orientation focuses on producing a product that responds to shifts in consumer demands, such as for grooming products without phthalates, or to improvements in the product, such as improvements through technological advances as seen with Windows 10.

The greatest strength of a sales orientation philosophy is the accumulation of immediate short-term sales and customers who are presented the "best deal," as is familiar when buying an automobile. In contrast, some strengths of the very different product orientation philosophy are innovation and development of product improvements. 

Influence is important in sales orientation . A company may promote a product in order to create a demand for it. A...

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