What are the strengths in Brutus and Antony's speeches? What are the techniques and tricks that each orator uses at Caesar's funeral?the art of persuation

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In the two speechs, Brutus misjudges Antony and speaks first. Brutus, a highly competent orator, giving reasons that are his explanations of why Caesar was killed. He states that Caesar was ambitious and that ambition would lead to the downfall of Rome and the society which they loved so much. He does an admirable job convincing the crowd, fickle as they are, that Caesar had to be killed. After the convincing speech is completed, Antony convinces Brutus that he should be allowed to speak and agrees that he will speak no ill will of the conspirators. Under his breath, Antony allows the audience to hear of his plan to use his powers of persuasion to state, "That I am meek and gentle with these butchers!" This quote lets the audience know that he realizes the treachery of their acts.

True to his word, Antony, speaks of personal stories of Caesar. The web of deception that he weaves uses Brutus' own words against the conspirators. Brutus stated that all the conspirators were "honorable men". Antony states of all the good and love that Caesar had for Rome. He then says the acts of the conspirators were warranted because "They are all honorable men." This use of selected verbage and using Brutus's own words against the conspirators, once again incites the crowd to action against the men who took their beloved Caesar from them. This artful manner of manipulation was skillful and masterfully created. Antony's use of persuasive devices proved to be a more power use of articulation than that of Brutus.

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