What strengths and flaws does Einhard identify in the character of Charlemagne?

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Einhard's account of Charlemagne borders on hagiography. Unsurprisingly, he praises without reservation Charles's (from this point I'll simply use the king's name without the suffix or title) character, his devotion to Christianity, and his political and military skills that resulted in the unification (though temporary) of the Western European peoples.

If one strength stands out above others as Einhard describes them, it would be that of his "extraordinary constancy alike in good and evil fortune." From any perspective, it seems almost incredible that Charles was able to subdue so many hostile tribes, pacify them, persuade them to accept both Christianity and his personal leadership, and incorporate them into his continent-wide realm, during a time historians later labeled the Dark Ages. In Einhard's telling, the reign of Charles transformed Europe from a primitive backwater of fragmented tribes to a united polity under the leadership of the Franks.

The weaknesses of Charles, such as...

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