What is the stream of conciousness in James Joyce´s "The Dead"?

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Stream-of-consciousness narration developed in the early twentieth century, especially after 1910, as a response to the assuredness of Victorian and Edwardian prose. It's associated with modernism in literature and with such writers as Joyce and Virginia Woolf. Woolf's essay, "Mr. Bennett and Mrs. Brown" is a good analysis of what the modernists thought was wrong with the objective. omniscient narration of earlier periods. It did not seem to them to really capture the way people experienced life or the subjectivity with which we process our experiences.

Therefore, writers like Joyce and Woolf, noticing that we live through the noise of our conscious and subconscious thoughts, which color how we experience reality, tried to capture that endless "stream-of-consciousness" in their writing. Reality is shown in the partial, fragmented, and unreliable way that we experience it through an unstoppable haze of thoughts as we walk through life.

In "The Dead ," therefore, an omniscient narrator never...

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