In Shakespeare's Othello, what strategy does Iago use to enlist Roderigo in his plot against Othello? In what lines do we learn about Iago's true feeling toward Roderigo?

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In Othello, Iago will go to any lengths to "serve my turn" (I.i.42) on Othello who has passed him over for lieutenant and he has no concerns in using any other characters to strengthen his case against Othello personally. Iago is manipulative and takes Roderigo into his confidence from the beginning so that Roderigo is fooled into thinking that Iago respects him and understands how much he loves Desdemona. By exposing his need to exact revenge on Othello, he incites Roderigo to do the same as Roderigo has long since loved Desdemona but has been repeatedly rejected. Even Brabantio, Desdemona's father, is not inclined to listen to Roderigo's nonsense as he has warned him previously "not to haunt about my doors" (97). Therefore, Roderigo's desperation is apparent and Iago will use it to his full advantage, encouraging him and making false promises to him.

When Iago's first plan fails and Othello and Desdemona declare their mutual love for each other, Roderigo is devastated and wants to end...

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